Why India

The Indian Environmental Sector – your market is here!

India with population density of 333 persons / sqkm and urbanization rate of 25% shows tremendous upgrade potential in environment protection and waste management.

In India, the scarce water resources at present will intensify with the ever-growing population, industrialization and agricultural usage. Rapid industrialization is resulting in a significant increase in the industrial demand for water.

Industrial water demand is expected to grow by 17% annually by 2025. India has 4% of water resources of the world, while it has to support 16% of world population and 15% of livestock. The annual precipitation including snowfall, which is the main source of water in the country is estimated to be the order of 4000 billion cubic metres (BCM). India’s demand for water is growing at an alarming rate due to its rapidly growing population and is likely to exert increasing strain on its limited water resources when it reaches a staggering 1.6 billion by 2050 as expected.

On the other side, India has approximately 36.5 million tones of waste generated annually. India will see a rise in waste generation from less than 40,000 metric tonnes per year to over 125,000 metric tonnes by the year 2030.

Solid waste management in Indian cities has emerged as a major concern over the past few years. The rise in urban population and economic growth in the absence of an effective management mechanism has manifested in the current state of solid waste management in Indian cities which is far from perfect. Given the present situation, the quantum of waste generated in cities especially larger ones with higher population is expected to increase. Industrial solid waste, including hazardous waste, is also increasing at a phenomenal rate.

Given this scenario, the Indian market for environment services is expected to grow to a total volume of 3.2 billion Euros by 2013. Increasing urbanization and greater environmental consciousness in India are leading to a growing demand for modern environmental technologies and services which in return would result in large investments to develop and upgrade the environmental services.

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